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Astonishing Amazon Statistic #1 (Editor’s Choice) : more than 200K Reviews Posted Everyday


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Astonishing Amazon Statistic #2: more than 27.6 million of buyers

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On4Play Canadian Best Reviews Guide (OCBRG), is a data-driven research tool for online purchases. There is a wealth of material available online, including on social media sites, blogs, forums, comments, articles, and more.

Reviews by millions

There are thousands of fresh reviews written every second. It’s hard to stay on top of every one of them on your own, and attempting to do so might be irritating. It takes time, and it’s unclear.

The largest markets

We continuously monitor the most recent items and pricing by crawling through the largest online marketplaces and shops in real-time.

Shopping experience

Our goal is to simplify, delight, and help you save time and money throughout the purchasing process. We are making a lot of effort to carry out our purpose and continually improve. We believe in long investments and that is why we aim for consoles and accessories most of the time.

How's our Rating ?

To rate products in each category, On4play Best Reviews Guide gathers information about the products by surveying the reviews of the customers themselves. Best Reviews Guide also identifies the best products according to buyers’ trends. That means looking at which brands are the most popular, according to the number of each product sold per day. The rating system also considers customers’ subjective rating of the product, and what’s being said on social media.
All this is condensed into a value rating, which is used to make an ordered list of the top products. On4play Best Reviews Guide also provides highlights the product which is the best value, as well as which is the top seller. On4play Best Reviews Guide also provides a link to the customer reviews, and the best means to place an order for the product. You’ll also be able to compare prices, before finalizing the purchase.


These days, all buying may be completed with a few online clicks. But making purchases hasn’t gotten any simpler (in fact, with so many options for each product and so many competitors, it probably has become harder). A website called Best Reviews Guide was created to assist you in making decisions. According to consumer feedback and purchasing trends, it ranks the top brands and best items in each product category.
The website creates lists of the top brands using sophisticated algorithms. You can trust that the information supplied is current because the best-of lists are updated often. You will be given a direct connection to the biggest merchants of the items after you have decided.

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